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R Programming Bible Everything To Be A R-Programmer


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Sachin Kafle


  • PC,Mac or Linux
  • Your positive attitude,is enough


About R: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. Polls, surveys of data miners, and studies of scholarly literature databases show that R’s popularity has increased substantially in recent years.

In this course, you will learn:

  • R Introduction
  • Data analysis(creating dummy data and data manipulation and exploration)
  • R Variables and Operators
  • Data Structure
  • Functions
  • Flow Control
  • R Packages
  • Exploring Data With R
  • Exception Handling
  • Join and Remove
  • Working with PHP
  • Softwares used in Course

    R Studio

    ¿A quién está dirigido?

  • Anyone who have PC,mac or Linux 🙂
  • Anyone who wants to get deep down into R starting basics
  • Web developers interested in implementing data analysis features in their web applications
  • Students & Professionals interested in Statistics, Data Mining, Data Visualization
  • Business & Data Analysts
  • ¿Qué aprenderé?

    • Core fundamentals of R language essential for Data Analysis
    • Master R programming though Practical Examples
    • Master the skills needed to develop general-purpose programming applications using R


    • Introduction to R-Programming Bible
    • Data Types and Data Structure
    • Exploring Data with R
    • Building Block of R-programming


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