Udemy – Creating a 2D Game in Unity 4.5



Creating a 2D Game in Unity 4.5


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17 H


3D BUZZ Programming and Digital Art training


  • This series expects a beginner-level understanding of C#
  • The free version of Unity 4.5 or higher which you can find on Unity’s homepage
  • A very basic understanding of Unity’s interface.


This series shows the entire process of creating a fully featured, polished, 2D game in Unity 4.5! We show many of Unity’s 2D features, such as the sprite renderer and editor – as well as animation, sound, custom character controllers, and more! At the end of the series, we wrap up by constructing two fully featured levels for our game.

The purpose of this series is to lead by example; and as a result, everything we discuss will be put to immediate use in the form of completing the Level.

¿A quién está dirigido?

  • People completely new to Unity can use this series as an accelerated introduction to the beginner to intermediate features of the engine.
  • People who have never even touched Unity before
  • I wouldnt reccomend this course to anyone looking for advance techniques
  • ¿Qué aprenderé?

    • Manipulate sprites in Unity
    • Create a 2D Character Controller
    • Create a Camera Controller
    • Create a a Level Manager and Point System
    • Implement the concept of Health and Damage, and build a simple AI script for controlling enemies
    • Incorporate Animation into the levels
    • Build a fully functioning Level in Unity


    • Tile Placement
    • 2D Character Controller
    • 2D Camera Controller
    • Levels, Checkpoints, and Points
    • Damage and Projectiles
    • Sound and Polish
    • Animations
    • Level Design


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